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 Open Scars (the finished)

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PostSubject: Open Scars (the finished)   Mon Sep 03, 2007 6:15 pm

due to a friends lack of acceptance that the one paragraph was the end i made the story a bit longer.

I lay down in my bed of memories. I summon up everything that happens and it flows into my mind. I always knew I would never forget and I haven’t. Everyone says therapy will cure me, but I tried and I’m just not strong enough to accept it. It has left a scar big enough to kill me over and over and over again. Therapy my butt! When life is all I have........What can I do to protect it from the scars that will never close?

“Here kitty, kitty, kitty!!” a guy made kissy sounds to a girl of 17. Her long, brown, curly hair flowed over her face to hide her shame. Tall and slender, this girl new nothing but fear. Desert tone skin called everyone attention. Her wide eyes shifted left and right behind her hair looking out as if at any moment something would come from behind a wall and steal her away. She tripped over some trash on the ground and quickly scrambled her way up. She ran without stopping all the way to her apartment. She slammed open the crummy door. Yellow glass and dingy walls was all she saw as she looked up the stairs. She grabbed her collage school bag and took it off, letting it scrap across the dirty floor of the stairs and hallway. She slowly walked up the stairs letting her guard down. She pulled the keys out of her baggy black pants and pushed them in the lock. She sighed as she unlocked the door. She opened the door and while still standing before the open way she threw her bag into the almost empty room. She kicked her feet tossing her shoes into the small space of her door way. She saw on flip off into the kitchen of small size and the other fling by her chair next to her barrowed laptop. She stepped threw the door way only to have a panic attack and shortage of breath as someone wrapped their arms around her waist. She froze. Her knees buckled under her and she wanted to fall but his hands held her up. He groped her back and pushed her into the room. She lost her voice and he shut the door. Leaving the rest to secrecy.

She cried on the floor of her empty apartment long after the door had opened and closed to leave her swallowing in her fear and wretchedness. Her bare, stripped body ached and trembled for more. That is what scared her the most. The vacant words that ring in her ears from his distasteful mouth are something that will never vanish from her mind. She could still feel his crummy body pressed against hers and his hands rubbing all over her body. She kept recalling his panting breath upon her chest and his fingers playing with her. She couldn’t hold it in any longer, her tolerance exploded as it did when he forced himself into her mouth. She spit out the remains of her stomach. Yet it could not force out the taste of his unidentified hygiene. Her overly hot tears spilled into her nose and mouth flowing down her face like rain. She pulled the blanket tighter around her hot sweated body cowering in it. Her body shook before bursting out of the blanket banging her fists on the short carpet floor. She used her whole body, all the force left in her that he had not taken. Her hair swung around wildly. Her tears flew off her face as the smell of the discharge came from the air underneath the blanket. She cried when she finally stopped striking the floor. He nut brown silk slid over her shoulders, clinging to parts of her wet face. She asked a simple question everyone asked but no answer ever comes. “Why?”
Now a week later I lay on the same spot he thrashed me on. My Throw up still stained into the floor reeking the place up. I cleaned it up to make room for my body but it still stains the floor. I never saw him again and he like all others got his fun out of it. I know not who he is, but he seemed to know everything about me. So I’m taking his advice. I’m doing what he told me to do but thought I would never do….
… I’m killing myself.

“AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!” A girl’s blood coiling scream stretched across the room as she walked into the apartment, seeing her school mate’s pale skin blossoming with red drops on the floor. “OH MY GOD!!! OH MY GOD!!!” She too could not hold her stomach. She gasped as her stomach discharge left her mouth. Her hot tears also flowed down her face like rain. Her body too ached and she as well swallowed in her fear and wretchedness as she fell to the floor of the open door. But the way she endures these feelings happening to her and the way they happened to the girl who was rapped are far from the same.
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PostSubject: Re: Open Scars (the finished)   Mon Oct 22, 2007 7:45 am

ooo i luv it Smile

my sweet escape....
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Open Scars (the finished)
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