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 The Rules

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PostSubject: The Rules   Fri Jan 12, 2007 12:01 am

Here's the general rules. They will also be posted in General Talk. Rules for writing will be posted on the writing board.
Please obey them. It will make life a LOT easier for everyone on this board.

1. No name-calling, teasing, or rudeness. If you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all.
2. No potty-mouthing. It does not make you sound grown-up; it just makes you sound even more immature.
3. No inappropriate talk, links, or pictures of any kind. That one should be fairly obvious. This includes the website you post in your profile.
4. Respect the moderators. I, the admin, hired them because I am only one person and cannot constantly police this board.
5. No double-posting, unless there's a good reason.
6. No one-word posts. The only exception to this is the Forum Games.
7. No faking your age. At the moment, this board does not allow users outside of the ages of 12-18, anyways.
8. If you are from outside PA Cyber, I will only allow you on this forum if I know you in real life. This is for security reasons.
9. If you post a picture, make sure it is appropriate and a fairly small size. Large pictures take a very long time to load on dial-up connections and we want everyone to enjoy your pictures. Smile
10. No multiple accounts
11. And finally, don't give out too much personal info about yourself. That is simple common sense on the web.

Rules 5, 6, 9, and 10 will get a warning. All the other rules will go by the 3-strike system:
1. Warning
2. Temporary ban
3. Permanent deletion of account(s)

These rules apply to the Chatbox and all the forums on this site.

Now, go have some fun! Very Happy


May your ka live, and may you spend millions of years, you lover of Thebes, sitting with your face to the north wind, and your eyes beholding happiness.
--inscribed on the Wishing-Cup of Tutankhamun
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The Rules
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