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 How to Use the Forum

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PostSubject: How to Use the Forum   Sun Jan 14, 2007 10:50 pm

Since there's a lot of confusion at PA Cyber Chat over how to do certain things, I thought I'd post some tutorials.

How to post a picture:
1. Find an image-hosting site. I recommend Photobucket or Imageshack.
2. Sign up if you haven't already.
3. Upload your picture.
4. There should be an image code for posting on a forum. The code should start with [IMG].
5. Copy+Paste the [IMG] code into the post. Preview it, and if it works, then post it. You now have a lovely picture in your post!

How to create a poll:
1. Create a new topic
2. Type a regular post describing the poll.
3. Scroll down. You should see an Add a Poll option.
4. Type the poll question on top.
5. Type the poll choices on the bottom. Hit Enter after each choice.
6. Click Send near the main message. Now it's poll time!


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How to Use the Forum
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