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 Jade's Story

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PostSubject: Jade's Story   Sat Feb 24, 2007 6:39 pm

This is a story about a girl whose name is
Jade. Jade's story is very, very sad. You see, Jade's
life didn't start off too great. Her mom and dad got
pregnant with her before they were married. Jade's
dad didnt want kids but Jade's mom wanted lots of
kids, but she knew that she didnt have the money
for one.

Well, after Jade's mom found out she was
pregnant she was so excited. She remembered that
she had to tell her boyfriend. She didnt want too at
all. When she told her boyfriend that she was
pregnant, he kicked her out(they shared an
apartment), Jade's mom knew that she couldn't go
back to her parents house because they didnt agree
with unmarital s-e-x.

Jade's mom was put on the street. She
decided to get a job. The only job that she could
find that paid the most was a job at the local
grocery store. It paid a dollar more than minium
wage. After about six months she had enough
money for the first and last payment for a one
bedroom apartment and enough for food for six
months. Everything was going so well.

Eight months later Jade's mom gave birth
to a beautiful baby girl. She decided to name her
Jade because she had jade green eyes. Jade was the
most beautiful baby her mother had ever seen.
Before long Jade was 4 years old. Her mother was
having trouble keeping up with the bills. Jade's
mom hadnt seen her own mom in almost 5 years. It
was terrible.

Just a month before Jade's 5th birthday
her mom and her got kicked out of their apartment
because they could not pay the rent. They were put
out on the street. Luckily it was summer and it was
warm, but fall was soon to come. Jade and her mom
stayed in this run down shack. It was just so that
they didnt have to sleep in an alley. Jade's mom felt
so terrible.

About two years after they got kicked out
of there apartment Jade was seven and her mom
was getting sick. It wasnt like a cold sick, but a
cancer sick. There was a free clinic but Jade's mom
didnt want them to take Jade from her. She knew
she had cancer because she had this feeling. In the
time that she had been on the street she had
become a Christian. She went to a local church
every sunday.

One family at church soon noticed that
Jade's mom was becoming very ill. They put her
and Jade on there insurance plan and took them
both to the doctor. In order for this to happen they
had to move in. Jade and her mom shared the spare
room, it was about the size of there room in their

When this family took Jade and her
mother to the doctors, the doctors discovered that
Jade's mom had lung cancer. It was really bad and
had run in her family so she wasnt surprised. Jade
and her mom moved in with the family from church
permentaly. They felt like they needed to take care
of her and Jade.

About after a year of treatment for Jade's
mom she died in her sleep. Jade was devestated.
She ran away from the church familys home. They
looked and looked for her but no one ever found
her. Jade ran away to hers and her moms shack
about 25 miles away from her old home. It was still
there but was occupied by a homeless pregnant

The girl, whose name was Stephanie, said
that Jade could stay with her. They could keep each
other warm. Stephanie went into premature labor
an had to go to the free clinic. The free clinic in their
town was very nice. They gave her a hotel room
when she was able to leave the hospital and they
let Jade go with her. Stephanie gave birth to a son
that she named Matt. Matt was making progress
and he was able to go home.

There was no where for Stephanie, Matt,
and Jade to go. Jade remember walking by this
lady's house alot who had looked alot like her mom.
She remembered that her mom had told her once
that she was her grandma. Jade asked Stephanie if
she could go and ask this women if they could stay
with her. Stephanie, Matt, and Jade went to find her.
When they found her house, they found out that
she had gotten sick around the same time as Jade's
mom and had died the week before Jade's mom. It
was terrible.

It was winter and Matt had a very bad
virus. He was so week and dehydrated. Stephanie
decided that she would take him back to the free
clinic and ask for help. He was more sick then
Stephanie thought. They said that he would of
never made it through the night if they didnt bring
him in. Stephanie and Jade got to stay in a hotel
room again. This time for a very long time.

It seemed like Matt was getting worse. He
got so sick one day. The doctors didnt know why.
All they knew is that he had a diese or something
that they couldnt pick up. It was terrible. One day
Matt died after he was put on life support. He had a
seizure. Stephanie was so sad. By this time Jade was
almost 10. Stephanie was so sad that she found
herself a boyfriend. Soon after her boyfriend asked
her to move in. Stephanie accepted and when she
got there the next week to move in, she brought
Jade with her but Stephanie's boyfriend kicked Jade
out saying that little 10 year olds were annoying.
Stephanie was so glad to have some where to live
that she just played along.

Jade was so dissapointed, again. She
walked back to her little shack and cried. She didn't
know what do. She was all alone, again. Eventually
Jade turned 18. She decided since it was her
birthday to take a walk. She saw this guy who
caught her eye. He stopped and asked her what her
name was. When she told him he said that is
beatiful. Then he asked her out on a date. She
explained her situation with him and he found her
someplace to live.

Jade wound up with this guy and they got
married. One day Jade had a baby, it was a boy, she
named him Matt, after Stephanie's baby. They lived happily ever after as a

The End!

My life, my life is the life.
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PostSubject: Re: Jade's Story   Sat Feb 24, 2007 9:43 pm

Aww, I read this, and thought, another lovely "short n' sweet" from Brittany! Very Happy


May your ka live, and may you spend millions of years, you lover of Thebes, sitting with your face to the north wind, and your eyes beholding happiness.
--inscribed on the Wishing-Cup of Tutankhamun
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PostSubject: Re: Jade's Story   Sat Feb 24, 2007 10:49 pm

Thank you very much.
I really liked this story alot.
This is the first one that I really liked and read over and over.
The only thing I didnt like is that I thought that the ending was a little soft.
Not like the beginning where it was really emotional and into it.

My life, my life is the life.
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the pitbulls voice
the pitbulls voice

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PostSubject: Re: Jade's Story   Sun Feb 25, 2007 12:26 pm

aww thats soo good i luv ur stories Smile

my sweet escape....
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PostSubject: Re: Jade's Story   Mon Feb 26, 2007 10:17 am

Thank you Jill.

My life, my life is the life.
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PostSubject: Re: Jade's Story   

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Jade's Story
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