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 Writing Rules

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PostSubject: Writing Rules   Fri Jan 12, 2007 12:19 am

Here's the rules for writing. They will be posted in all 3 writing forums.

If you are writing:
1. No inappropriate content. Self-explanatory.
2. No graphic descriptions of violence. We don't want to be grossed out.
3. No profanity or potty-mouthing.
4. Try to use good spelling and grammar. Do not type like this: wAt DO u WaNt 2dAy? We want to actually be able to read your work.

If you are reviewing:
1. Do NOT bully or harass the writer in any way. Remember, you are critiquing their work, not their person.
2. Use constructive criticism. Even if a story is really lousy, still try to suggest something to the writer to help them improve.
3. Do try to say more than just "That's a cool story." Comments like that don't really help the writer out. Try to say what you liked about it.

Punishment: The 3-strike system
1. Warning
2. Temporary ban
3. Permanent deletion of account

Now, enjoy everyone's work! Very Happy


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Writing Rules
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