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 The thirsty stars .:tears 1:.

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PostSubject: The thirsty stars .:tears 1:.   Wed Jun 06, 2007 3:32 pm

*Tears 1*

"ah man not again" I moaned as I sat up in my bed. My slippers were missing again. "I'm going to kill that rat one day" I whispered
"DANA!!" "I'M UP" I screamed back. That yelling would be my 25 year old half sister, but still a sister all the same. Me and her are the only people who live in this house. You know how when you’re younger your dad says he's going out to by some milk or some thing? Well that's what he did to her except he didn't come back until 16 YEARS LATER!!! And what popped up? Me. What a fun situation huh? I get up out of my fold out bed and walk over my heaps of clothes and junk on my floor to get to my rounded mirror. As I reach my mirror in comes my sister’s pet poodle. Princess is her name and that's who she thinks she is. Most the time I just call her a rat. I tap that dog on the nose and tell her to get me my slippers and shockingly she understood me and trotted out of the room as if to be all snotty. I laughed to myself. I couldn't help but to. That dog can be such a drama queen. I stare at myself in the mirror. For some reason I don't feel myself. As if the girl in the mirror isn't me. Maybe I'm wearing a mask? Who knows? "I haven't got time for this!!" I screech. I throw on my baggy black jeans with the Garfield chain and my blue T shirt that says 'I love to be hating you’ and started out my bed room door. As I'm going down the hallway I'm thinking to myself 'God. I'm 17 and why I'm living with my perky sister who is a total lunatic.'
As I enter the kitchen I glance at my sister. She’s sitting on the counter. I’m thinking to myself ‘And she has the nerve to say I’m heavy!! GEEZ!!! She’s up here sitting on the counter!’ “Kaly*? Why can’t you ever act your own age?” I ask.“Because…” she starts. “If I act young I’ll be young. I’m not getting any younger. You know?” she stopped to eat her smoothie. “I don’t even want to guess what is in there” I blurted. “What? My smoothie? Want some?” she asked. “That green glop with throw up chunks? NO THANK YOU!!” I exclaimed. “What!? Its just weed grass and pineapple.” She said. “THAT’S EVEN WORSE!” I yelled. I pulled out the jelly and some bread. Rushed over to where Kaly is sitting and asked her “Hand me the peanut butter an a knife will yah?” “Sure” she replied. She turned around on the counter, opened the cabinet took out the peanut butter and closed the cabinet then she turned to the sink and took out a dirty knife and handed them to me. “Kaly? This knife is dirty” I told her. “I know. Just like you.” She said so plainly and smiling at me. I stared at her eyes as big as basketballs. Thinking ‘SHE DID NOT JUST SAY THAT!’ “Kaly I have music class today….” I walked over to the sink, threw in the knife. Pulled a clean one out of the strainer and walked to the table “…I don’t have time for ….. your….” I put everything down on the table. Slowly I put down the peanut butter, the bread, the jelly, and the knife and that’s when I started thinking. I continued my sentence

“your …… STUPID TRICKS!!!!!! KALY!!!” I started yelling “TODAYS SUNDAY!!!! I DON’T HAVE MUSIC CLASS TODAY!!! I DON’T HAVE ANY CLASS TODAY!!!!YOU KNOW THIS IS THE ONLY DAY I CAN SLEEP!!!!! DARN YOU KALY!!!!” After I stopped yelling princess came into the kitchen carrying my shredded Garfield slippers. Once again I started yelling “d*** IT YOU STUPID RAT!! THAT’S THE 9TH PAIR!!!! KALY TEACH YOUR BED WETTING DOG TO STOP COMING INTO MY ROOM AND TEAR’IN UP MY STUFF!!!! THIS BETTER BE THE LAST TIME!!! YOU OWE ME A NEW SET OF SHOES!!!” Kaly silently replied “um….. slippers and you forgot to close the fridge.” “AAAAGGGHHHH!!!” I let out a frustrated cry. I walked over to the fridge slammed the door “I have to leave before I rip someone’s head off!!! I’ll be back for dinner.” I let out with a scary growl. She was looking at me the same way she was 3 years ago, with pity. I hate the way she looks at me like that. I yelled at her “STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT!!!!!I HATE IT!!!! I HATE IT!!!” she yelled after me. “DANA!!!” I ran out the kitchen to the hallway. Passing all the memories the birthday pictures from when I first came to live with her, the school pictures…….I just want to rip them of the wall and rip them apart! “DANA!!” she calls as she follows me, But I just walk by them my hot tears started flowing. I rub my eyes wanting them to stop! “DANA!!” she called me again. I reach the end of the hall and collapse on the floor the tears were coming fast now. I got up and started running. “DANA!!!”I ran to the living room past the couch and the coffee table towards the TV and right next to it was my guitar in its case. I grabbed it and headed towards the front door. “DANA!” As I passed the shoe rack by the door I grabbed my blue and black z strap Nikes. “DANA!! PLEASE!!” kaly called me again. I knocked over the shoe rack and shoes spattered everywhere I spun around to look. I was still crying I felt chilled and hot at the same time. And betrayed….over something so small? I turned back to the door tears dripping of my cheeks leaving cold streaks. I opened the door and slammed it shut. The last thing I heard before I shut the door was my sister calling me. “DANA!!! COME BACK!!!!!!!” I started walking toward wherever. I was walking to just walk like a wanderer. “d*** Kaly!!! Why? Why do you always do this to me? And while I’m at it might as well darn that rat to!!! GOD!! OOOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!!!..................
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The thirsty stars .:tears 1:.
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