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 Suicide wish

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PostSubject: Suicide wish   Wed Jun 06, 2007 3:36 pm

Suicide WIsh
One of my first poems ever made.

“ I wish I would just hurry up and die,” That’s what I say to my self all day.
It’s wrong but there are some people that say “No matter how hard things are at the moment. Time will pass and everything will turn out just fine. There’s no need to stress.” But how long do we have to wait?
They tell us “when your sad and hurt just remember the good times you’ve had” But what about the people who feel like they have never had a good time in their life?
For people who have had nothing but problems dying is much easier then living. “Yeah I what to be set free from this pain”
You walk and walk but all you can see is darkness.
“Hey is suicide the exit out of the long tunnel of pain?” I ask me this. What makes death so bad? Can someone please explain that to me? But they were not bothered at all by other peoples death. Can all of you seeing this?
Their just walking away laughing. This hasn’t gotten through to any of them even tough you all committed suicide. When they heard about your suicide they probably thought about it but only for a second, but that was it. They’re just going to go on with their lives like nothing happened. They are the reason you died. They are the reason I want to die.
These people their nothing but garbage. There nasty and scary and worthless. I’m sure we all want to choose death, but they all were wrong. you didn’t choose death. Death was chosen for her. By a bunch of stupid, evil, people.
People who have no thought. Please come back suicide is worthless. It doesn’t leave any thing behind. It doesn’t change anything. You can’t start over you can’t feel anything as just a soul.
Suicide is just one persons way of escaping from this world without getting back at the people who made them kill themselves in the first place.
“Cutting your wrists can be pain to”
It’s the moment we lose all hope. Suicide isn’t simple and it isn’t brave. The moment you kill yourself isn’t the moment you decide to go though with it.
But that’s probably just the way it is. Suicide is pretty lame, but so is life sometimes. It’s crappy and it sucks, but as long as you live on this earth you just take it one day at a time. You thought you were weeds that no one noticed as you passed.
But people were there far too late to even realize it. But that’s the way life can be sometimes. That’s the way death is all the time.
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the pitbulls voice
the pitbulls voice

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PostSubject: Re: Suicide wish   Fri Jun 08, 2007 8:16 am

that was awesome Smile great job


my sweet escape....
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Suicide wish
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