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 Fallin sin (just a thought)

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PostSubject: Fallin sin (just a thought)   Wed Jun 06, 2007 3:48 pm

This is all i wrote for a storie im think (i siad thinking) of wrighting

§The Confronter§
~Meaning to be in ones way~

The full moon……….the whipping breeze……….the pine trees fly past……I smell the must of myself running mixed with the fresh pine leaves……My hot tears are dripping from my hazel eyes into my panting vapor breath….the provoking sound of that Beastly thing running and its drool dropping in clumps to the ground. Its blood red teeth from recent kill was beaming in the moonlight with pride.
“WHY!!?? Why won’t you give up?” I begged. I ran and ran………he’s getting closer and closer pushing me to run faster and faster………… “I don’t want to die please……” I cry and start slowing down “God…….please I don’t want to die…..” I slow down panting hard. I fall to my knees, my hand grope the ground and acknowledge my fate. The beast is running up on me fast…. I start to sob harder, my tears drip to the ground and my nose starts to drip. He opens his blood ridden jaws and………..

§ The Fallen§
~~Meaning to succumb to temptation or sin~~

I CANT BREATHE!!!! The thought sticks in my head. My pure white hair is clinging to my face. I’m flying through everything the stars and empty space wiring and flouting near, past, and by me. So close I could touch them. “So beautiful…..” I think to myself. “So why cant what I had be……beautiful…..” I question gods rule. “I …feel all ……… much………pain…..” I start to fell hot in my chest like my heart was burning. I start to close in fast on human life. The world of mortals…….there was only one person who was beautiful……but she was she mortal? No she wasn’t…… I close my eyes knowing I will impact this new world I am so willing to give up my soul to be like. I feel like something is stinging my whole body making me want to cry out in pain. I fling through the clouds…..the nothing air and water stream on my face. Even though there is air I can not breathe. My lungs are burning! They are begging for air! I can’t take it anymore! I need air! I try to breathe but no air comes in. It’s like my breath was stopped or my throat was clogged. My lungs are shriveling. I want to scream but I can’t! My voice is gone and my body is acing. I snap open my eyes and I’m aimed towards a sea of pine trees. I clinch my eyes together. The impact will be soon….I know it will! I pull a feather from my wings and chant some words in my head pulling force into my hand, to the feather. “baina hathan henna khailah. inshan darib aina. IKRIJAICK!! Between this time before me and man. Strike open eyes. UNITE!!” a bubble of energy wrapped around me to protect me from the force of the collision. ……..but I was still anxious …….how am I going to face the reality……..of why I’m here ………and the ……..reality……………………………………………of myself?

§ The Animate§
~~~Meaning to give life to~~~
Where did that savage beast go? I saw it chasing a girl…..was she one of my own? If it was Vilna……I don’t know what I would do…..If it was her I’ll rip that creature to shreds!!! I step over rotten logs, dodging trees. I decide I should pick up the pace. I start to jog through trees and bushes. Branches lash out at me as if trying to stop my pursue. I take another step and hear the splash of liquid. The smell of what is under my boot jumps out at me like a swarm of jasmine flowers, arousing me. I bend down to the ground and touch this liquid to be sure this is what I think it is. “This is…….blood……..human blood….so then was that beast one of my kind?” I say to myself. The blood was smeared as if the monster had fondled its pray and then dragged it of to a more precious place. I stand up and I follow the smeared blood over a fallen tree and a small stream to a clearing. I stay behind the trees not daring to go into the opening and follow the crimson road with my eyes the rest of the way. I see……….a body…It’s the girl. I look at her blood saturated face. “She’s trying to smile!?” I rip in my head. “She’s ripped to shreds, bloody and ragged, barely alive, with her trout slashed and she’s trying to smile!?..........wait what’s she looking at?” I follow her gaze. “The moon…..I see!” I whisper to my self. I look back at her face. She’s crying….She’s crying…..blood! “Blood must have gotten into her eyes. Now I see! She sees the moon in a Rosen red.” I close my eyes. That must be such a beautiful sight at death. Most humans would be utterly terrified from the site. I open my eyes. I suck in the freezing air. Practically gasping. The brute was back. It loomed over her as if to protect her from me. He glared at me with his golden beam eyes baring his fangs drowned in this girls stimulating blood. I came out of the shaded shrubbery. I stood on the edge of the forest. I threw of my long black leather jacket letting it settle with the dust. I pulled of my silver shelled whip and thrashed it to its full length. The ice-covered wind started to pull my hair into my chilly face. I looked at the girl under this savage beast. I could tell from her numb face that she accepted my presence. ‘This girl might be useful to me in some way.’ I told myself. I glared at the animal again. “You brainless swine need to learn your place around me!” I yelled to Him “You d*** wolves need to learn……” I griped my whip harder “THAT YOU ARE OUR SLAVES!!” I flung my whip towards the animal making it realize challenging me was really dumb. I gave it a huge gash pending from its nose to in between his ears. He backed off slowly screeching and whining in pain. I stood there still waiting for it to come from over her. He didn’t move fast enough and I thrashed my whip again landing on the same spot. The creature could not take the pain anymore and ran off howling in pain. A double lash in the same place would be very painful wouldn’t it? I wounded my whip and swung it over my shoulder. I bent over to pick up my jacket and walked towards the girl. My jet black army boots where feeling heavy as I walked. Must be because of all the blood. I gritted my teeth and said between my teeth “Its mocking me!!” I said coldly. I walked up to the blood ridden girl. “You humans never learn do you?” I said to her while letting a smirk spread on my face. I loomed over her like a giant I suppose. She wanted to say something. I saw her move her mouth ever so slightly. I looked at her dark brunette hair highlighted with red streaks. “My jackets going to be covered I blood now…..great” I said. I laid down my jacket and picked up her limp body. She was so shredded it was scary. I looked at her again and asked myself ‘why am I taking this girl with me? She practically dead! ……...hhhhhhhmmmmmm…….maybe ill eat her.’ I chuckled to myself. I’m so evil sometimes. My black hair with silver strakes flew in my face as I picked her up and started walking. ‘Maybe she will be of some use to me’ I told my self as I fused in with the trees forever leaving a mark of blood in the ground……..just waiting for the arrival about to emerge.
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Fallin sin (just a thought)
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