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 Open Scars

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PostSubject: Open Scars   Tue Jun 12, 2007 8:14 pm

As I lay down in my bed the memories of what happen flow my mind. I always knew I would never forget and I havenít. Everyone says therapy will cure me, but look at me now....Iím 50 and I still canít forget. It has left a scar big enough to kill me over and over and over again. Therapy my butt! When life is all I have........What can I do to protect it from the scars that will never close?

ďHere kitty, kitty, kitty!!Ē a guy made kissy sounds to a girl of 17. Her long, brown, curly hair flowed over her face to hide her shame. Tall and slender, this girl new nothing but fear. Desert tone skin called everyone attention. Her wide eyes shifted left and right behind her hair looking out as if at any moment something would come from behind a wall and steal her away. She tripped over some trash on the ground and quickly scrambled her way up. She ran without stopping all the way to her apartment. She slammed open the crummy door. Yellow glass and dingy walls was all she saw as she looked up the stairs. She grabbed her collage school bag and took it off, letting it scrap across the dirty floor of the stairs and hallway. She slowly walked up the stairs letting her guard down. She pulled the keys out of her baggy black pants and pushed them in the lock. She sighed as she unlocked the door. She opened the door and while still standing before the open way she threw her bag into the almost empty room. She kicked her feet tossing her shoes into the small space of her door way. She saw on flip off into the kitchen of small size and the other fling by her chair next to her barrowed laptop. She stepped threw the door way only to have a panic attack and shortage of breath as someone wraps there arms around her waist. She froze. Her knees buckled under her and she wanted to fall but his hands held her up. He groped her back and pushed her into the room. She lost her voice and he shut the door. Leaving the rest to secrecy.

Thats all ^^ Did you like?
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the pitbulls voice

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PostSubject: Re: Open Scars   Wed Jun 13, 2007 7:04 pm

thats good i really liked it u write alot like i do but i dont share my stuff because its stupid and worthless....urs is ALOT better then mibe

my sweet escape....
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Open Scars
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